6 Rugged Dog Toys for Active and Destructive Dogs

6 Rugged Dog Toys for Active and Destructive Dogs

Rope Toys

Rope toys are ideal for active dogs, including those with a penchant for chewing. The tough threads can withstand biting, tugging, and tossing. These types of toys are usually made from nylon or cotton, which is great for flossing your pet's teeth. Rope toys come in different lengths, designs, and shapes to suit your dog's preference. They are typically safe, but make sure to supervise your pet when playing with one.

6 Rugged Dog Toys for Active and Destructive Dogs

Chewing Balls

Chewing balls are fantastic for energetic chewers who need plenty of stimulation. These toys are typically made of strong rubber materials that can survive rough play. They come in various sizes and densities, with some having inner chambers that dispense treats or sounds to keep dogs entertained. Chewing balls are excellent for promoting dental health, jaw strength, and mental agility.

Kong Toys

Kong toys are classic dog chews that can withstand heavy-duty chewing. Most Kong toys are made from durable materials like rubber or nylon, with hollow interiors that can hold treats or spreads, making them perfect for mental stimulation. Kong toys come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic cone shape to the banana design. These toys can be thrown, bounced, or chewed, making them versatile for different activities.


Frisbees are excellent for high-energy dogs that love fetching. They endure multiple catches and tossings, and some designs can float on water, making them great for the beach or pool. Frisbees come in various sizes and materials, but look for heavy-duty ones that won't get crushed or destroyed easily. They are also a fantastic way to bond with your dog and improve their agility and endurance.

Tug Toys

Tug toys are perfect for interactive play between you and your dog. They can be made of rope, rubber, or other chew-resistant materials that can stand up to tugging and pulling. Tug toys are ideal for strengthening your pet's grip, improving their coordination, and promoting socialization. They offer a great way to burn off your dog's excess energy, but make sure to set boundaries to avoid aggression or over-excitement.

Bone-Shaped Toys

Bone-shaped toys come in different textures, materials, and flavors, making them ideal for picky chewers. These toys are usually made of nylon, rubber, or flavored plastic, and can withstand heavy chewing. Some have ridges that promote dental health, while others contain crunchy layers that add to the sensory experience. Bone-shaped toys are perfect for keeping dogs occupied and happy while satisfying their chewing needs.