5 DIY Toys Your Cat Will Love

5 DIY Toys Your Cat Will Love

5 DIY Toys Your Cat Will Love

Bottle Caps and String

One of the easiest, yet entertaining do-it-yourself cat toys is made with bottle caps and string. Simply attach a string to a bottle cap and drag it along the ground, allowing your cat to chase and catch it. You can also tie several bottle caps together for added fun.

Cardboard Boxes

Cats are notorious for loving cardboard boxes. Cut holes in the box, and make tunnels or mazes for your feline friends to crawl through. You can also tape boxes together to create a multi-level play area. This toy is inexpensive and provides hours of entertainment for your cat.

Paper Bags

Another simple and cheap toy for your pet is a paper bag. Cut holes in the bag and add toys like feathers or crinkly paper inside for added excitement. Your cat will love the sound of the paper and the ability to hide and pounce from inside the bag.

Catnip Sock

If your cat is a fan of catnip, fill an old sock with the herb and tie it securely. Leave the sock out for your pet to roll around and play with. This toy is not only entertaining, but it also has the added benefit of calming your cat.

Milk Jug Ring Ball

Instead of throwing away those plastic milk jug rings, save them for a fun and simple toy for your cat. Wrap several rings together to create a small ball that your cat can chase around. The rings will make a crinkly sound, adding to the excitement. In conclusion, entertaining your feline friends doesn't have to be expensive. With a little creativity and some household items, you can create fun and engaging toys for your cats. Try out these 5 easy DIY toys and see which ones your pet enjoys the most.