Chartreux Cats: The Blue-Grey Feline that Originated in France


The Chartreux cat is a beautiful breed that gets its name from the ancient Carthusian monastery in Grenoble, France, where it is believed they were first bred in the 16th century. The breed was initially raised to hunt rodents, particularly in the monastery, and quickly became a beloved companion of the monks. Their blue-grey fur, coupled with their quiet and docile nature, made them ideal lap cats for the monks.

Chartreux Cats: The Blue-Grey Feline that Originated in France


Chartreux cats possess beautiful blue-grey fur that has a woolly texture and is water-repellent, making it easy to maintain. They have a broad and robust stature, with a muscular and powerful build that often gives the impression that they are larger than they are. Their eyes are typically yellow or gold in color, and their ears are medium-sized and rounded.


Known for their calm and gentle nature, Chartreux cats are ideal for those who want a feline companion that is laid back and easy-going. They are loyal and affectionate towards their owners and enjoy playing, although they aren't as active as some other breeds. They can be shy and reserved with strangers but tend to warm up to new people quickly.


Chartreux cats are generally healthy and robust, with a relatively small list of potential health concerns. They are susceptible to developing urinary tract problems, particularly in males, and may experience respiratory infections. Proper diet, exercise, and regular vet visits can help ensure your Chartreux cat remains healthy throughout their life.


Chartreux cats are a beautiful and loving breed that make wonderful companions. Their easy-going nature and low-maintenance fur make them ideal for those who want a feline friend that won't require a lot of attention. While they may require occasional grooming and regular vet visits, they are generally healthy and robust. If you're looking for a quiet and loyal companion, the Chartreux cat might be the perfect pet for you.