Recommended Supplies for Your Pet Tarantula

Recommended Supplies for Your Pet Tarantula

If you're considering owning a pet tarantula, there are some essential supplies you will need to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for your eight-legged friend. Here are some of the recommended supplies for your pet tarantula:

Recommended Supplies for Your Pet Tarantula


Your tarantula will need a suitable terrarium or enclosure to live in. It should be large enough for your tarantula to move around comfortably, but not too big that your tarantula will have trouble finding its prey. A 10-gallon aquarium or plastic terrarium is a suitable size for most tarantulas. Make sure the enclosure has a secure lid or cover to prevent your tarantula from escaping.


The substrate is the material used to line the bottom of the enclosure. There are several types of substrates available, but some popular options include coconut fiber, vermiculite, and peat moss. Avoid using substrates that are dusty or have a strong odor, as this can be harmful to your tarantula's respiratory system.

Water Dish

Like all pets, tarantulas need access to fresh, clean water. A shallow water dish should be provided in one corner of the enclosure. Make sure the dish is shallow enough for your tarantula to climb in and out of easily. Replace the water daily to ensure it stays clean.


Tarantulas are nocturnal creatures that like to hide during the day. Provide your tarantula with a few hideouts, such as pieces of bark or flat rocks, where it can retreat to during the day. This will make your tarantula feel more secure and comfortable.

Heating Pad/Lamp

Tarantulas require a warm and consistent temperature in their enclosure. A heating pad or lamp can provide the necessary warmth. Make sure the heating pad or lamp is not placed directly under the enclosure. This can cause overheating and harm your tarantula. The ideal temperature range for most tarantulas is between 75-85°F.

Feeding Supplies

Tarantulas are carnivores that feed on live insects such as crickets and mealworms. You will need a supply of live insects to feed your pet tarantula. Additionally, you may need feeding tongs or a plastic container to safely transfer insects into the enclosure without risking injury to your tarantula.

By providing these recommended supplies, you can ensure your pet tarantula has a healthy and happy life in your care. Remember to always research and understand the specific needs of your particular species of tarantula to provide the best care possible.