How to Prevent Your Cat from Scratching Your Furniture


Are you frustrated by your cat constantly scratching at your furniture? Do you find yourself constantly having to replace damaged couches and chairs? Don't worry, you're not alone! Many cat owners struggle with this issue, but there are steps you can take to prevent your furry friend from wreaking havoc on your home furnishings.

How to Prevent Your Cat from Scratching Your Furniture

Provide Scratching Posts:

Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, so it's important to provide them with an appropriate outlet for this behavior. Scratching posts are an excellent option, and you can find them in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your cat's individual preferences. Place them strategically around your home - in front of your cat's favorite napping spot, for example - to encourage them to scratch there instead of on your furniture. Another option is to make your own scratching post using materials like cardboard or sisal rope.

Use Deterrents:

If your cat continues to scratch at your furniture despite having access to scratching posts, there are several natural deterrents you can try. One popular option is double-sided tape - place it on areas you want your cat to avoid, such as the arms of your couch. Cats don't like the sticky sensation, so they'll be discouraged from scratching there. Another option is to use citrus scents, which cats generally dislike. You can use citrus-scented cat sprays or simply place some orange or lemon peels on your furniture.

Trim Your Cat's Claws:

Regularly trimming your cat's claws can help prevent them from causing damage when they do scratch. Make sure you use proper cat nail trimmers and are careful not to cut too close to the quick (the pink part of the claw that contains blood vessels). If you're not comfortable trimming your cat's nails yourself, your vet or a professional groomer can do it for you.

Provide Distractions:

Cats also scratch when they're bored or anxious, so providing them with plenty of toys and playtime can help alleviate this behavior. Puzzle toys and interactive games are great options to keep your cat occupied and distracted from your furniture. You can also try providing your cat with a special scratching area, such as a cardboard box or mat, to focus their scratching behavior.


Preventing your cat from scratching your furniture may seem like a daunting task, but with patience and persistence, it's definitely achievable. Providing scratching posts, using deterrents, trimming your cat's claws, and providing distractions are all effective ways to address this issue. Remember, it's important to be consistent and patient with your cat - with time and effort, you can help them break the habit of scratching your furniture.