5 must-have pet gates to keep your home safe and organized

5 Must-Have Pet Gates to Keep Your Home Safe and Organized

If you are a pet owner, you know that your furry friend can cause chaos and destruction in your home. Whether it is trying to climb on furniture, chewing on that new pair of shoes or going on a rampage through the house, pets can create havoc. Fortunately, installing pet gates can help you keep your home safe and organized. In this article, we will discuss the 5 must-have pet gates that will make your life and that of your pet easier and safer.

5 must-have pet gates to keep your home safe and organized

1. Pressure Mounted Pet Gate

Pressure mounted pet gates are easy to install and offer good value for your money. These gates require no drilling into walls or railing and use the pressure of the walls to remain in place. However, these gates aren't ideal for homes with larger pets or those that jump high. Most pressure-mounted gates have a maximum height of 32 inches which could be easily breached by bigger dogs.

2. Hardware Mounted Pet Gate

If you have a big dog, a hardware-mounted pet gate is necessary to keep them in place. These gates are screwed into the walls, making them sturdy and reliable. The hardware-mounted pet gate is usually taller and wider than the pressure mounted gate, making it difficult for a pet to jump over or push aside. It's also great for keeping running toddlers within sight and safe in a designated area.

3. Freestanding Pet Gate

A freestanding pet gate is an ideal option for small and non-jumping pets. These gates stand on their own and do not need to be installed. They are easily moved and ideal for small apartments, where you cannot install permanent fixtures. Some freestanding pet gates come with a set of wheels, making it easy for you to move them around.

4. Walk-Through Pet Gate

A walk-through pet gate is convenient if you want to move more freely around your home. This type of gate makes it easy to come and go without having to open and close the gate each time. A walk-through pet gate usually has a door with a handle that you can open and easily walk through. This type of gate is also excellent for keeping pets in the designated area while giving you easy assess to the rest of the house.

5. Retractable Pet Gate

A retractable pet gate is an innovative solution for pet owners who want to keep their homes functional yet safe. These gates are retractable, which means they can be pulled out when necessary and then easily retracted when not in use. These gates are ideal if you have a larger house and want to create a designated area without losing the ability to move throughout the home.


With these 5 must-have pet gates, you can keep your furry friend safe and protect your home from destruction. These gates offer you and your pet the freedom and security you both want, allowing you to create order in your home. Whether you have a small or big pet, a tight budget or time constraints, one of the above pet gates will undoubtedly fit your needs.